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Karlie Belle Books is ON THE MOVE! 'Sally the Shoe, Helpful Soles' was published in 2020 and exceeded its crowdfunding goal within 24 hours, thanks to the support from friends and family like YOU! (Learn More about the crowdfunding campaign). In addition, the 500 limited, first edition, signed hardcovers sold out in just a couple of months. Therefore, Karlie Belle Books is offering a special promotion. Once again, a limited number of first edition, signed hardcover copies of 'Sally the Shoe' are now available, while supplies last. We are VERY EXCITED and hope you enjoy the book! YOUR SUPPORT is what allows us to keep doing what we LOVE and, for that, WE THANK YOU! 

To add to our excitement, in just a few short months, our second book, 'Myles the Mouse to the Rescue,' will be complete. The first edition, limited, signed hardcover is now available for purchase.


Learn more about both books below, and click on the links to purchase. HAPPY READING!

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Sally the Shoe, “Helpful Soles” is the first in a wonderfully fun, unique series of books designed to teach children important life lessons. Each story features a memorable shoe character who embarks on thrilling adventures and exciting journeys while overcoming challenges and obstacles. “Helpful Soles” is the story of Sally the Shoe and friends coming together to give a friend in need the gift of a lifetime. Join us and take a walk in Sally’s shoes. 

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Sally the Shoe

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'Myles the Mouse to the Rescue' is a story of friendship, teamwork and bravery. The mice are enjoying a beautiful day in Cheeseville, when suddenly a huge hawk swoops down and snatches Grandma Mouse. Diva Dove flies to tell Myles, who immediately takes action to save his grandma. Along his journey, Myles gets help from his friends and family, who exhibit teamwork and bravery. It's a great lesson to teach children what can be accomplished when working together!



Myles the Mouse to the Rescue

Sally the Shoe Reviews

"I love that Sally and her friends helped the homeless shoe, Harry. 

I like that it rhymes too."

Cody Fultz, Age 9

"My grandkids loved this story from start to finish. Its fun, upbeat rhythm and rhyme keep the reader entertained and anxious to see what happens next. We all love Sally’s good heart, and the lesson she imparts to be good and helpful to one another. We cannot wait for the next book in this series!"

Susan Jarrell

Wife, Grandmother, Teacher

"Sally the Shoe is SO GOOD! I love how it gives a good message

at the end because it will

help spread kindness."

Kaylin Bohannon, Age 11

“I'm sad Harry was alone and homeless, but I'm glad the other shoes built him a home. It's always better to be kind and helpful!"

Gabriel Rashid, Age 7

"I like that it teaches a lesson to both young and young at heart. Always be kind to the less fortunate. I also liked the rhyming. Rhyming stories are so easy to keep the attention

of young minds."

Martha Chapman

Wife and Grandmother

"It's a really good book. My favorite thing is that it's about shoes...


Kinsey Fultz, Age 11

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