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About the Author

- Karlie Belle Price -

Karlie Belle is a southern West Virginia girl who has a profound love for children and animals. As a dog mom to nine, her furry family rates her books during Karlie Belle's "Woof Woof Reviews" (coming soon).

Her children's books are written in rhyme and teach important life lessons such as

love, compassion and acceptance.


Karlie has four sisters and was raised by her parents, Charles "Charlie" and Sally Price.

Charlie was an avid farmer, carpenter and construction worker who sadly passed away in 2003 from lung cancer.  Sally was a stay-at-home wife and mother who shares in Karlie's love for writing and story telling.

Karlie graduated from the University of Charleston

in West Virginia with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and a Master's Degree in

Human Resource Management. She is currently a Marketing and Public Relations Director

at a hospital in rural West Virginia.

She has always bonded quickly with children

due to her child-like spirit. Karlie has a mild addiction 

to cheese fries and coca cola. Her life-long dream is

to become a well-known children's book

author and talk-show hostess.

It's never too late to

pursue your passion.

If you don't chase your dreams,

how will you ever catch them?

- Karlie Belle -

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